Give Thanks!

Hey there!!! How the heck are you?


If you’ve been following, I’m in a series now about positive thinking, self love, etc. One of the biggest reasons for this discussion is because the leading cause of weight loss and diet fails is that the deep seeded issues that cause us to over eat or give up on making ANY positive changes in our lives is either lack of confidence or just lack of self love. We all tend to fall into the false imprisonment that thinking “once I’m skinny, I’ll feel so much better about myself” or “once I reach my goals, then I’ll be more confident”.  We imprison ourselves in the boundaries that this thought process puts up around us. So, I’d like to help us break down these walls. Break out of the prisons we’ve locked our potential up in.


So far I’ve talked about loving your self, as well as the people around you. (I’ve made it to my ankles by the way. Kinda stuck there because they are pretty knobby. LOL) I hope that you’re working on it too. Baby steps, remember. One trait, one characteristic, one silly body part at a time if you must. You’ll get there! WE will get there.


I’ve also discussed ways to start building confidence and trust in yourself and your abilities, with goal setting. Small goals. I hope that you’re trying it out. I believe in you! I believe that you will meet every goal you set, if you at first start small. Remember, don’t set yourself up for disappointment. It’s wonderful to have huge goals and enormous dreams. I sure do! But let’s work on ourselves first. Every great tower first started with a strong and solid base and infrastructure.


Yesterday, or this morning whenever it was that it finally posted LOL; the topic was about dealing with the negativity in our lives. I offered some suggestions to help build an ark of positive attitude to float/rise above the murky waters of negativity that seem to be flooding our world.


Today, I think it important to talk about gratitude. I know! I know! It’s not Thanksgiving yet. 😉 I hear so often, and see how much of it is lacking. Especially in the younger generations. We all seem to have this huge sense of entitlement. We tend to forget to appreciate the things we have. We over look the many blessings in our lives, because we just assume it’s all stuff we are just supposed to have. I think maybe we force ourselves and our children to grow up too fast. We’ve all seemed to have lost the innocent wonder and excitement and appreciation for life and all things shiny. LOL

This is what gratitude is! The boy in the video was grateful that he received a gift, even though it was just a plain wooden cutting board. His reaction when he got his REAL present, the tablet, was melt-your-heart, sweet and touching!  When was the last time that you expressed thanks and gratitude with that much sincerity and emotion?

Taking an account for all that you have and developing a true, sincere appreciation for it is also be a lesson in humility. People that really and truly have nearly nothing tend to be the happiest and most grateful people on earth. Another fantastic example would be the Maori tribes in New Zealand. They are some of the poorest people in the world. For what a family in the US might find in the seat cushions of their sofa, they can live off for days. Yet, they are also the happiest people. They have an excitement and enthusiasm and sincerity about life that you would see and hear from a child on Christmas morning. Something as simple as a loaf of bread would easily bring about the same reaction as that of the boy in the video.

The lesson is not about how can we provide them with more, but how we can become more like them. Wouldn’t it be awesome if every morning you awoke with such excitement and vigor. That you were excited and grateful to have been blessed by another day? Or to hear your children choked up and so very thankful for the meal that you prepared for them, despite the fact it contained broccoli?

Can you imagine how much more enjoyable life would be, if we all stopped worrying about tomorrow and stressing over that which we have no control of and truly and sincerely learned to appreciate the gifts we have TODAY? Think about it. Imagine that tomorrow you woke up to a storm, typhoon or hurricane that completely wiped away all that you had and all that you know. You had nothing. How grateful would you feel as you started to put your life back together. If you went days without food, how AMAZING would that first morsel be? Even if it was just a brussel sprout?

Try it out. Live as if. Live as if at any time, any moment you could lose it all. Try to take inventory of what you have and what truly matters. Stop telling your children to be quiet in their moments of excitement, joy and graciousness. Enjoy the squeals and laughter. Be a part of it. Listen and learn how to. Encourage them to find joy and gratitude in every single blessing. Maybe instead of showering them with gifts, get them one really special one. That’s the one that they’ll really remember anyhow. (This is something I need to work on, I know!!!)

Don’t hold back next time you get, or do something that you are really grateful for. Or just next time somebody does something for you or says something nice. Do back flips, cry, show your child-like enthusiasm. Thank everybody for everything as often as you can. I’m sure you know how good it makes you feel when somebody thanks you for something that you’ve done. Return that favor. You’ll soon realize that it feel really good just to do it. You start to feel more grateful. You start to recognize all the wonderful around you.


I’m signing out for now. Check back later, I’ll add my recipe of the day and work out of the day in the morning. My little one is trying to close my laptop. Must be time to cuddle…. LOL

and HEY!!!!! Thank you!! From the bottom of my heart, with every ounce of my being I thank you for taking the time, taking the interest to read this. Love to you all!!!!


6 Replies to “Give Thanks!”

    1. Thank you so much!! Words just can’t express my gratitude. I feel terribly that I haven’t had time to reply, nor complete the tasks to accept the nomination. I love your blog and try to catch it whenever I have a few minutes.

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