Drowning in the “CANNOT” (revised)

Hello!! Happy Tuesday! 

So sorry that I’ve been quiet as of late! I’ve been doing some research and some soul searching. Trying to find deeper and more meaningful and useful topics of discussion. Not saying that talking about how wonderful my kids are isn’t meaningful. LOL But I have a deep desire to help others, you, and want to discuss topics that will have greater impact on you, your life, and your health.

After a great deal of thought, prayer, and meditation I’ve decided on spending some time discussing stress, happiness, confidence, positive attitude, and love. After all love is what makes the world go round. lol! Had to throw in a silly cliche. (It’s that kind of morning 🙂  )

Not sure if it’s a midlife crisis, or just the whole “turning 40” deal that has brought about such deep contemplation. I have taken a lot of looks at my life, looking at my successes and failures, my short comings and strides, and my dreams. I came to the realization that all of my short comings, my failures, lost dreams, unattempted goals all can be traced to one root cause; lack of confidence. I don’t think it’s as much fear of failure, but the belief in “CANNOT”. 

You see, when you place limitations on yourself you are essentially weighing yourself down with an anchor. A big heavy anchor. A big heavy anchor that can one day drown you, if you don’t learn to cut it loose. (Sorry, that may have been a little too dramatic.) 

I saw a Facebook post yesterday that spoke moons about what someone living without limitations can achieve. The story was about a woman that was born without legs. Because of their inability to cope with her disability, they left her at the hospital for adoption. That baby was blessed enough to be adopted by a family that did not believe in the “CANNOT”. She was raised believing that there was no such thing as limitation. Without legs, that little girl played basketball, baseball, and eventually became a very accomplished gymnast. I highly recommend taking three minutes of your day to watch the video. It’s truly inspiring!

Many of us are introduced to “can’t” and the existence of “CANNOT” at childhood. As a parent, it’s something that I believe we do unintentionally. We want to protect and keep our kids safe, so we might tell them that they can’t climb the walls/bookcases. We tell them that they can’t jump off a bridge, or run out in the street, etc. You see we use the word “can’t” and we start building that belief that it’s a real thing. We start building those walls, dams, and limitations. Of course it’s not OK for our kiddos to run out into the street! But if we change the verbiage to something along the lines of “I love you and want you to be safe, so let’s run in the park or on the sidewalk instead.”, we eliminate “can’t” from their vocabulary. 

It’s near impossible to “un-believe” something. So as adults many of our attempts to make changes wind up failing, because we still believe in the “CANNOT”. That still exists. As much as we may want to change, as much as we desire to live healthier, or to work towards our goals and dreams that “CANNOT”  weighs us down and holds us back.

I believe it is possible to overcome the “CANNOT”! I do! I know it’s not an easy or quick fix, however. It takes persistence. It’s something that you have to work on and toward everyday. You have to develop a bigger, MUCH BIGGER belief in the “I CAN” than the “cannot” in order to cut that anchor loose.

Start slowly. Make small goals for yourself everyday, just one. When you reach that goal, write it down. Journal it. In your journal, at the end of everyday write 3 things that you’ve accomplished, 3 things that you like about yourself, and 3 of your best assets. Do this everyday. Everyday try to find different answers to these questions. If you can’t at first, that’s OK. For some of us it can be difficult just to find 3 things that we like about our self. Eventually it does get easier. Eventually you will notice other things. Your eyes will open, the walls will start to lower. 

As you start to notice your ability to reach your goals (no matter how small they are), it gets easier to make more. It gets easier to believe that you can accomplish more. The “CANNOT becomes smaller and smaller. The “I CAN” starts to grow and grow. If you persist, stay consistent, eventually your “I CAN” will be so big that there will no longer be room for the “cannot”. 

Here’s the deal though. If you aren’t reaching the goals you start out with, you need to start smaller. If losing weight is one of your goals, start out not having chocolate for breakfast. That’s easy enough. Didn’t say you couldn’t have a candy bar at lunch or as a snack. But if you can make it until after breakfast, you’ve reached your goal, right?!! If your goal is to pay off debt or increase savings, or save for a dream vacation; start off with putting a penny or a few in a jar. Anybody can find a penny! Goal accomplished!! 🙂

You see, it doesn’t matter how small the goal. It’s the feeling you get when you reach/accomplish it. That feeling grows as will your goals. 

I had posted a video of myself on Facebook, trying to start a new challenge. I must first explain that  I’m deathly afraid of public speaking and have an enormous distaste (closer to hate, really) for being on camera! It was a big step for me, just to take the video. I’m not going to lie, I was shaking and nervous and nearly in tears. This is a copy of my video re-post on Sunday:

 I’m not going to post my work out of the day. Simply because I don’t want to kill anybody! LOL I’ve been training hard to recover my strength and endurance. A busy summer with kids and travel and then a broken toe have had it’s toll on my Spartan training. Still hoping to be Spartan ready by my birthday. I did find this gem while looking for ideas: check it out! (the rest of the website has some great workouts and nutrition advice as well)


 Recipe of the day:

Go Green!!

Make a green salad. Load up on lots of colorful veggies. If you like a little sweet, I like to toss in some chopped apples or berries. Get creative. Don’t bury your masterpiece in sugar laden, chemical additives and unhealthy transfats!! Olive oil, avocado, or grapeseed oils with splashes of lemon juice or vinegar works fantastic at enhancing the natural flavors in your vegetables. You can even substitute salsa! 


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