Another day, another party!

Happy Wednesday!! Anybody else feel a little strange that although the week is half way over, it seems to have just barely started? 

As the song goes, “whoop, I did it again…” 😉 another birthday party (and a half)! My son turned 3 today! We celebrated last night at an arcade/fair type place that the kids absolutely loved. I loved it because I did not have to cook or clean. This evening we had a small cake and ice cream thing. I made cupcakes and a nice dinner, drew Spider-Man and his friends on our windows, and blew up more balloons. My house looks like marvel comics explosion! LOL! Quite the change over from the princesses and winter wonderland it was just a week ago.  <

Exhausting as it is, I just love parties though. I really enjoy working hard to make people feel special, especially my children on their birthdays. The decorations, the food, the entertainment, the gift buying….I love every part of it!! To me there just is nothing better than seeing the smiles, delight and happiness of others. 

It’s good that both of my children have their birthdays this time of year. It keeps me busy and preoccupied. This time of year in Arizona is a lot like what most people (in the northern hemisphere) experience in January and February. The weather is just too miserable to go outside in. Only difference is that here, it’s 110 degrees so no amount of layering of clothing can make it more comfortable. I tend to get cabin fever pretty badly this time of year. I’m just not much of an indoors kinda girl!

It’s a struggle some days to stay creative and active so as not to go crazy. The gym helps me to stay sane. Pinterest is a great help in finding fun activities to keep my son entertained while the girls are in school. As much as I love monster trucks, I can only crash so many times before I start praying for the girls to come home and take over. lol

Sadly, I’ve found that since I’ve lived in Arizona I tend to fall back onto movies and educational tv shows to help entertain my children. When I lived in New York, it was much easier to find other alternatives. I spent a lot of time outdoors with my daughter. We visited parks and museums, walked nature trails, explored historical buildings and landmarks; even in the winter.

I think about that a lot. We all start off in life with ideas of what kind of people or parents we are going to be. We envision how we will live, what our ideals will be, what our children/spouses will be like. We picture our home, our relationships, and our careers. Then life happens. Things seem to change in such a hurry.

To be honest sometimes I can’t even remember what those visions were. Perhaps that’s for the best… I do giggle when I think about the conversations that my daughter’s father and I had when she was in my belly. We’d talk about how we were not going to allow her to waste time watching mind-numbing television, she was never going to know what candy or fast food tastes like, she was going to learn seven languages before she started kindergarten….. LOL! Those big dreams all seem silly now. Life just goes by so fast, it seems so hard to squeeze it all in before the day, then the week, then the month, and then year is over. Next thing you know, they are in second grade, watch movies every time we get in the car, and have Starbucks treats every Friday!!

I will say that my daughter thought candy bars were yucky until she started school. 🙂 Yes, a little brainwashing on my part.  As far as I know, her paternal grandparents are the only ones that have taken her into McDonalds. I will never. This I’ve vowed and have successfully (to date) held myself to.

Do you ever look back on your life and think about the ideals and visions that you had for yourself, compare them to where you are and wonder, “What the hell happened?!!!”

I see those memes posted all over Facebook or sent in emails/texts that talk about “seizing the day”, “be who you desire, today” etc. Sounds simple enough, right? It’s hard though. Right? You get so comfortable in where you are, sometimes it just seems easier than all the work required to make the change. We get stuck in ruts and too caught up in the daily chores and ho-hums, that we lose our vision. We lose THE vision. We lose the drive.

We don’t lose the want, the longing, the desire, however. Which is why the motivational and self-improvement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Sad part of it is, all those speakers, companies, books, tapes, groups, schools, etc. have one thing in common. Their success lies in you learning self-confidence. That’s it! See there! Just saved you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars. The secret, the key lies in your self-confidence. You can do anything, so long as you feel that you are worthy and capable. You know what? You are! 

The other day while in the car (as I spend most my days), tuned into Christian radio and listened to a string of 3 or 4 songs on this very issue. The first of which was Jason Gray’s “Remind Me Who I am”, MercyMe “Beautiful” another. If you don’t know them, check them out on youtube. They are powerful.

Sometimes we all need to be reminded that we are beautiful, we are treasured, and we are worth living a life of glory and happiness. We are worth the extra steps, the hard work, the extra effort to live the lives we dreamed. It’s scary! It is. Taking that first step. Making change. Moving out of your comfort zone and into the unknown world of possibility. Then what if, what if the dreams and life you had envisioned wind up not being anywhere near as satisfying? Crap! Then what?

Then you dream some more! Don’t stop! Don’t stop moving toward goals. Don’t stop making new ones. And absolutely DO NOT beat yourself up when you fall short. It may just be an indication that you need to take a different direction. The only failure there is, is in never having tried.  

So, my son likes cake!! (Thanks, MOM!!!) Just means that I now get creative to find healthier ways to serve cake. So I’m not out traveling and saving the world. Instead, I’m here writing this blog and hoping that it helps somebody. Have I given up on my dreams? Nope! Just making some alterations. Still working toward the visions, goals and ideals that matter. Are there days when I doubt my capability, my success or my worth? You bet!! Do I let those days define me? NO WAY!!!!! Should you? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! Take a moment, Christian or not and listen to those two songs. If you doubt for a second that your life doesn’t matter or that you aren’t worth a better, healthier, happier life; go listen. 


If you, like my son, love cake then you have to try these super awesome cupcakes:

Recipe for the cupcakes I stole and modified from, the frosting I created was influenced from both Elana’s Kitchen and


1/2 c coconut flour

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp baking powder (gluten free)

1/2-1 tsp celtic sea salt (I always use less, the original recipe called for 1 tsp)

5 whole eggs

2 egg whites

1/2 c cashew butter (or sunflower seed butter)

1/2 cup organic raw honey

1 tsp vanilla extract

Combine all dry ingredients, then separately mix wet ingredients. Add dry to wet and stir to combine. Beat with an electric mixer on highest speed for 2 minutes. Fill baking cups, bake at 345 for 18-15 minutes.



1/3 Cup ghee, organic butter, coconut oil, or palm oil (I used a combination of ghee and coconut oil – turned out super yummy)

1 cup organic gluten free dark chocolate chips

1 tbsp vanilla extract

Melt butter/oil and chocolate in saucepan on med-low. Remove and stir in vanilla. Place in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes until cools and thickens. Then beat with electric mixer until fluffy. Slather those delicious cupcakes in this rich chocolaty goodness and enjoy!! 🙂


WOD- I’ve recently started doing High Intensity Interval Training again. I just love it. I can do workouts in as little as 12 minutes that can make me perspire more than an entire starting line of high school football players. 😉 No lie!! There are some awesome ones posted on and Check them out!! They work for all fitness levels and most of them don’t even require equipment!!









3 Replies to “Another day, another party!”

  1. hi Kristine. just had a chance to check out your blog-love it! beautiful family.
    Melissa (met you through Julie jones at psi seminar)
    ps-are you attending next week???

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