Back from Birthday Party Mania

Hello, all!! Back and nearly recovered from my daughter’s birthday party! It was a tremendous amount of work, but sooooo much fun! Party theme was Frozen. Of course my daughter wanted me to turn our home into an ice palace. Of course, we had to have an Olaf pinata. Of course, I had to carry it one step further and want snow. It’s 100+ degrees here in the desert, summer time so finding all things ice and snow is a piece of cake, right?!! (sarcasm) There’s only one store in all of Phoenix that has Christmas items out now and they definitely aren’t on sale! There is no such thing as an Olaf pinata, apparently. So, I had to dig deep into my childhood girl scout memories and rediscover my pinata making skills. (Was actually kind of fun!!) I assigned my husband the task of tracking down a snow cone maker that would work well enough to make snow for a snowball fight. (He did good!) A week full of hard work paid off and we entertained 13 littles and several adults. Games, food, bounce house, snowball fights, prizes and the coolest pinata ever!! 🙂 And then……..the clean up! Which is why, I’m just now getting back to my blog. photoFrozen Partyphoto (2) One of the biggest successes of the party, requiring a big hardy pat on the back, was that the pinata didn’t have a single piece of candy. Before the bashing of Olaf, the kids were all excited and chattering about all the candy they were going to get. Bwaahahahaaa! Instead they were showered with really cool little toys, crafts, fun mustaches, rings, cute hair accessories, and snack packs of organic sugar free fruit snacks. 🙂 Didn’t hear one single word about there not being any candy! When reflecting on this, I came to the realization that creating and establishing healthy eating/lifestyle for children really isn’t as difficult as we make it out to be. Really, I’ve noticed that kids ask for unhealthy food because it’s what their friends eat or it has fun shapes or colors (or lots and lots of sugar :-/) The really cool thing is that they can be so easily redirected. My children and the neighbor kids that come over, enjoy and have a greater interest in healthy food when I include them or even just let them prepare it. My daughters love salad, especially when they get to help cut the veggies for it. Even more so, if I just put them in charge and allow them to create. Same with smoothies, they’ll drink a smoothie with spinach and broccoli in it ONLY if it’s one that they’ve made. Shoot, I’ll take that!! Kids are also sponges. They absorb so much from you. From watching how you eat. From listening to what you teach. Often times you think what you are saying goes in one ear and out the other, but it’s not! I’ll often get the eye roll from the girls when I’m discussing why eating brussel sprouts and asparagus are far better food choices than french fries. Then I’ll over hear a conversation that they’re having with a friend or another adult about why that person should choose green veggies over the fries that they’ve just ordered. LOL!! A word of caution, they will also not hesitate to bring it to your (and everyone in ear shot) attention when you make an unhealthy food choice. Here are some examples of the healthier version party food that I served at my daughter’s party. They were all huge hits by the way! Olaf noses: Homemade ranch dressing:

  • Organic plain greek yogurt
  • 1 Tbsp dried parsley
  • 1 tsp dried dill
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1 tsp celtic sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder

Place a tablespoon or two of the ranch in the bottom of a clear plastic shot glass and then stick in a few organic baby carrots. Melted Olafs

  • Organic vanilla yogurt
  • Mandarin Orange pieces – for nose
  • Candy eyes (Or chocolate chips or raisins)
  • Chocolate chips or raisins for buttons
  • I used pretzel sticks for arms

This was a party favorite!! Another favorite was fresh strawberries served with homemade whipped cream Whipped Cream

  • Organic heavy whipping cream (small carton)
  • 2 Tbsp organic raw honey
  • 1 Tbsp vanilla extract
  • Beat the whipping cream on high until peaks form and starts to get firm, then blend in remaining ingredients

Work out of the Day: Bear crawl – forward and back 25′ each direction 3 times

  • This essentially crawling except you do not put your knees down. It’s a great exercise for building upper back, shoulder and arm strength and abdominal and low back strength as well.

Squat jumps for 30 seconds Planked spiderman

  • In a plank position, alternate bringing your knees up to touch your elbow. This is awesome core work, you’ll feel in your obliques (sides) and shoulders as well
  • 20 times, each side

High knees for 30 seconds

  • I’ll sometimes use a chair or step and tap my toe on it. Helps to have a focal point, making sure to get knees up high enough. This is cardio and great core work.

Repeat previous exercises for 15 minutes with just 10 seconds rest between sets.


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