The Beast behind every Challenge

Happy Monday! 

It was for me! I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to see a Monday EVER!! Needless to say, my weekend was busy and pretty challenging!

Anybody that knows me would understand. I tend to keep my self busy. A little too busy sometimes, perhaps. I have a “thing” about leaving openings in my daily/weekly schedules. If I’m not running from one event to another, panicked and flooring it; then my day has been pretty quiet. LOL This past weekend was no different.

I agreed to help a woman that I’ve never met, by providing respite (babysit) care for one of her foster children of whom I have also never met. 0-o What could possibly go wrong?!!! OH!! And then there was a couple people that I had invited over for dinner on Friday night, CPS case worker visit, picking up the girl’s from school, picking up child I’ve never met before from daycare, our neighbor’s birthday party Saturday, kids’ sleepovers, making an Olaf pinata for my daughter’s birthday, retrieving Christmas decorations out of the garage to “Freeze” our home for said daughter’s upcoming Frozen themed birthday bash…..and the usual weekend chores.

Nothing in the above list is really outside of what a normal day might look like for me, but when you add in a six year-old kid that’s understandably nervous, ADHD, extremely bossy, doesn’t share well, doesn’t get along with other kids well, does not use the toilet (at all!!), and throws tantrums at bedtime worse than my two-year old; it was a bit much!!

By Sunday morning I was watching the clock like an obsessed lunatic and praying for 1:00 to come. My one really big reprieve was attending church. He did very well in the children’s Sunday class. I did very well listening to God’s word and enjoying 90 minutes of no whining, tattling or screaming. 😉 What was even better, by the time I got home it was 1:00!!!!!

I felt a tinge of guilt and slight pull at the heart strings when he left. Not going to lie, I did a happy dance! Then went right into picking up my trashed house and disinfecting the peed and pooped on bathroom floors. :-/  So hard to believe one little child could make such a huge mess! I’ve seen my kids make some pretty big messes, but it’s usually a group effort. Busy little guy. ****deep sigh***

As I was cleaning, completely exhausted, feeling somewhat relieved, the guilt hit me again. The girls and I were discussing our little visitor. Well….more complaining about him, really. I noticed that throughout our conversation I kept referring to him as a challenge. That realization triggered off something that had hit me during the sermon at church that morning. He was talking about challenges and goal setting. Challenging yourself to be more, to not die with untapped potential specifically. That ignited another thought. The challenges that I’ve posted, the challenges that I’ve proposed, the challenges that we not only place on ourselves, but challenges that we face in our lives, and what they all have in common. Many of us see challenges and are fearful, what we see it as may be scary, it may be ugly, it might be overwhelming. The biggest, ugliest, scariest part of challenge most often isn’t the challenge itself, but the fear of failure. Fear of failure is the big ugly Beast we see, sometimes it might be fear of change that makes up the beast.

ugly beast

The difference between life’s challenges and the challenges that we elect to place on ourselves, is that the challenges that we elect are usually one’s that we choose with hopes of improving ourselves or some aspect of our life; life’s challenges are the one’s that God has chosen, with the same hopes.

If you really think about it. I mean REALLY go back and dissect the events before and after all of your biggest of life’s challenges, did you not always come out with some improvement. Even as bad as it was, whatever it was, however hard it was or still may be, if you really REALLY look at it I’ll be you’ll see that it was not all for not. There was some good that came of it. Sometimes that may be hard to recognize. It may take a while to recognize it, but it’s there.

The same with challenges that we choose. Even if we fall flat on our face, there was good in having faced or attempted a challenge. The mere act of trying. Let me rephrase that. TRYING is not a mere act, not by any means what-so-ever is it just mere. The single GREATEST thing you can do is to try! It takes great courage to take that first step. It takes dedication and determination to take the next step, and then the next. Whatever your challenge is, whatever your intended outcome is; what you also gain is strength in character. When you can set forth on trying something new, and finish it regardless of whether or not you were successful in your intent; it was a success. The single WORST thing you can do is give up or not try again.

As I look back over my weekend and the little “beast” that challenged me, I realize that there was in fact good that came of it. I learned how to stretch my patience, love and compassion beyond limits that I thought were imaginable, I learned a deeper appreciation for the children that are in my home regularly, and I learned new tantrum management tactics. 🙂 In my life I have learned to embrace challenges, I look at them in a much different way than I did a few years ago. I know that my life’s challenges will indeed make me a better person and help me to release (or realize) a little more of my potential. My personal challenges, well. Pshaw!! The Spartan Beast obstacle race is a jaunt through the park compared to my weekend. LOL As far as how I now envision challenge, this is what I see….

kind beauty beast

So, hey!!!! I challenge you to change your vision too. Look at your hardships, or rotten kids (JUST KIDDING), in a different light. Take it in stride, just keep going, there really is a beauty on the other side!

My personal challenges right now are keeping up with my week daily commitment to writing this blog, a 30 day lunge challenge that I found on line, keeping up with my Spartan WODs, and turning my desert home into a winter wonderland in 106 degree heat for my daughter’s birthday party. 

What are you doing to challenge yourself this week?



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